Why do bad things happen to good people?

People always wonder if there is a God and if God is in fact as powerful as the bible makes Him out to be then why do bad things happen to good people? Can’t God step in and stop these horrible events from taking place?

The answer is that yes God can do this and more; however God gave His laws and freedom with these laws into the hands of His people. I have already shown multiple times how the orthodox Rabbis have made a total mess of God’s laws. They claim to know God yet they know nothing of Him. The saddest part of all of this is that these Rabbi’s truly believe that they are doing the right thing.

When they excommunicate someone; they believe it’s what God wants.

When they physically abuse those who don’t keep “God’s laws”; they believe that’s what God wants.

When they publicly humiliate someone who they believe is not as religious as them; they believe that’s what God wants.

Then there are all the sexual abuse scandals which in my belief are a direct result from these supposed prohibitions against masturbation and same-sex relations. There are no such prohibitions if you read the bible properly and understand it as God intended it. These points need further elaboration but in brief there is no mention of a prohibition of masturbation ever in the bible. With regards to same-sex relations, if you look at the hebrew wording  in Leviticus 20:13 the hebrew wording is not ISH (man)  and ISH (man); the hebrew wording is ISH (man) and Zachar (male). Therefore it could be argued that by God using these two separate terms it is not homosexuality, it is a totally different message. If God wanted it to be read as homosexuality it would read Man and Man.  There is further proof from the bible that homosexuality is not prohibited but this is for another post.

If God is as powerful as the orthodox Jews claim He is; then He would not create a bodily function which does not serve a purpose. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Just because the confused orthodox Rabbi’s don’t understand the bodily function of masturbation does not mean it’s prohibited.  I can elaborate further on this but this too is for another post. The orthodox Rabbi’s make mistakes and plenty of them. Unfortunately they use God’s name to justify their errors.

So in fact man is responsible for the errors in today’s world. God is also in a way responsible because God gave His laws into the hands of the crazy Orthodox Rabbi’s and they have made a real mess of His laws. They also unfortunately do not realise this so they can not be held accountable for their sins.

Bad things do not just happen in the orthodox world; they happen everywhere. This is for the exact same reason. God gave man free will and mankind have  stuffed it up.

God’s error was giving us free will. This gave mankind the opportunity to do bad things and this is why bad things happen to good people.

Now I have only spoken about bad things which happen due to human action. What about natural disasters. Isn’t God responsible for these?

Yes God is responsible for these. If we look at the bible there were plenty of natural disasters which were all due to God’s anger and God lashing out. Unfortunately when God gets angry then He does not discriminate between good and bad people. He destroys everyone ruthlessly. So if you want the biblical explanation as to why natural disasters happen and ruin or kill good people. Well, the answer is that God is angry and is lashing out. When God does this He doesn’t distinguish between good and bad people. He just destroys His creations out of anger.

There is another biblical explanation as to why bad things happen to good people and this is that God is testing them. So if shit happens know that it is a test from God. If you pass the test you will be greatly rewarded. If you fail; well you’re screwed. God knows what will happen…

Sorry readers I know you were probably hoping for a nicer answer. Well according to the God in the bible, this is the answer. Mankind screws up and destroys other mankind or God gets angry at mankind’s screw ups and destroys His creations or God will screw up your life to test you. This is why bad things happen to good people.



Free Will

There is this concept of free will. There are many different explanations as to what exactly free will is. I want to dig deeper into this concept and provide an explanation as to what exactly free will is.

From the bible it is clearly shown that Moses did not want to be the leader of the Jewish nation. He begged God to choose someone else. Yet God commanded him to be the leader and so he was. Did Moses have free will? Did he have a choice? It appears that he was forced to be the leader whether he liked it or not.

Yet there are other examples where Moses did have free choice. One major one is when Moses hit the rock and water flowed out. God was so upset with the way Moses did this that He punished Moses severly. God did not allow Moses to enter the land of Israel due to this.

What was so terrible about Moses hitting the rock? Let’s look closer at the story.

The Jewish nation were complaining that there was no water (numbers 20:2-5). Moses spoke to God about this and God said to speak to the rock and then water would come (numbers 20:8).

Moses appears to be very frustrated with the complaining nation so in his frustration he says “Now listen you rebels, can we draw water from this rock?” (numbers 20:10).

Then Moses hit the rock and water gushed out. (Numbers 20:11)

So what was Moses sin? Does it really matter that he hit the rock instead of speaking to it? Why would that be so terrible that it would barr him from entering the holy land?

The answer is that hitting the rock was not his great sin. His sin was that he did not sanctify God in the eyes of the Jewish nation (Numbers 20:12). Moses should have said that God is with them and God performs miracles and that God allows water to flow from rocks. This would have sanctified Gods name. It’s important to know that humans cannot perform miracles only God can.

The way Moses hit the rock could have led people to believe that it was Moses not God who makes water flow from rocks. This is what was so upsetting to God not the fact that he hit the rock; but the fact that he did not glorify God in the process. Moses failed to make it clear that it was God who allowed water to flow from the rock.

It’s important to remember that we humans are limited but God is limitless. God chooses our destiny.  Just like Moses destiny to lead the Jewish nation was predetermined; so to our destiny is also predetermined. Each one of us has our own unique purpose and reason for being alive today. We cannot choose or change this. Our free will is the path we choose to take to get from our starting point to our finishing point. There are many paths and choices which we can take. Some paths are quick, others are slow; some are easy, others are hard. The paths we choose to take is our free will; but no matter which path we take we will get there in the end.

Our destiny is already predetermined our free will is the way we choose to get there.


There is an understanding amongst orthodox Jews that the Amalek nation is so wicked that God wants them wiped off the face of the earth.

I do not think this is true. Here’s why:

Yes God did say that Amalek is so wicked that He wants their name erased from this earth. Yet it appears that God was so angry about what Amalek did to the Jewish people that He spoke out in anger.

Amalek is also a creation of God and God would never want to destroy His creations. Indeed God gave the command to wipe out Amalek to King Saul. King Saul did not do this properly and so Amalek survived.

If God really wanted Amalek wiped off would He not have given the command to King Saul; He would have given the command to King David. King David does everything that God wants and more. King David surely would have wiped out Amalek. The fact that God gave the command to King Saul proves that He made threats out of anger and did not really want to fulfill His threats.

Sometimes us people also make threats out of anger and because we feel frustrated and cornered in and that there is nothing else we can do. It is important to know that we don’t really mean the words we say out of anger and that once the anger subsides and we can see clearly we tend to regret harsh words that are spoken.

Yet it is not enough just to regret harsh words which we have said we must also rectify and apologise to the ones who we hurt with these harsh words.

I am sorry for anyone who I have hurt by speaking harsh words at a time where I was feeling angry and upset. I hope you can forgive me and know that I meant no harm by saying those words. I was just angry, upset and confused at the time.

The tree of Knowledge

In the garden of Eden there was a tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating from this tree. The reason given is that they would die if they ate from the tree. Yet Eve ate from the tree and didn’t die.

Did God lie to Adam and Eve when He told them that they would die if they ate from the tree?

It appears that yes God did lie to them because they ate and did not die.

What happened when they ate from the tree is that they realises they were naked and they became embarrassed so they needed clothes to cover themselves up. So they didn’t die literally but perhaps it means that they got embarrassed.

There is a saying we all use “I died of embarrassment.” The death spoken about here appears to be the same death. It is not a literal death; it is that they were so embarrassed and ashamed from not being able to keep God’s command that they died of embarrassment.

Sometimes when we use the word death and die it is not literal and it is nothing to worry about it is merely a figure of speech.

The days of Creation

The bible says the world was created in 7 days. Every day is specified what was created.

On the first day the heaven and earth were created, but there was also great darkness so God also created light on the first day. This light separated between day and night. It would appear that this light is the sun and the moon. As the sun and the moon separates day and night.

On the second day God created heaven and earth.

On the third day God created vegetation.

Then on the fourth day it seems that God created the Sun and Moon again.

Wait a minute- wasn’t the sun and moon already created on the first day????

Yet on the fourth day it says also that there will be two lights which will distinguish between day and night. It also says this will be a sign for days and years. (Genesis 1:14)

It appears that the lights which are created on the fourth day are different to the ones created on the first day.

The fourth day which in today’s day is Tuesday night and Wednesday is different.

I googled which day the exodus from Egypt occurred and what do you know? It was on the fourth day. So these lights which separate light and darkness on the fourth day these are not the sun and the moon. The sun and the moon were created on the first day. These lights refer to spiritual lights which will shine through the darkness on this earth.

Just like the exodus from Egypt which happened on the fourth day serve as a sign so will other events which will take place on Tuesday night (fourth day) act as a sign.

The 10 commandments

The 10 commandments are a set of laws and they are written in a specific order. It is cruicial to fully understand the first one before trying to keep any others.

Once the first one is understood then the second one needs to be understood.

No one should be keeping any other commandments before fully understanding the very first one. If someone prays before understanding who God is and what He wants; they will no doubt be taking Gods name in vain.

The problem with Orthodox Jews is that they try to keep everything all at once. This is impossible. There is a specific order to follow. This order must be followed.

God bless the orthodox Jews and hope they correct their ways soon

How to treat the blind

Orthodox Rabbi’s must be blind. There is no other explanation for their idiotic behaviour. The bible teaches us not to place a stumbling block in front of a blind person. Even if that stumbling block is really a glorious staircase which leads to a magnificent palace; if the blind can’t see the stairs then it will just be a stumbling block. Should the blind be led up those stairs before they see them, they may fall and injure themselves. If they fall and injure themselves then they will turn around and blame you.

The bible also says cursed is the one who leads the blind astray. This means that the blind people should continue going on the path which they know. It may take longer then taking the stairs but it will be safer.

Slowly slowly they will get there in the end. Small changes should be made and once they are fully understood then the next one should be made.

Hopefully this way the blind orthodox peoole will change their ways and their followers will also.