I was raised in an unhealthy ultra orthodox (frum) environment. Today I am frumless. I am happy in life. I found that a lot of what I was taught to believe in was lies. Today I expose the lies. I try to be a support for others who are in this unhealthy belief systen and are looking for a way out.

I was lucky that I was able to leave and still keep in touch with majority of my friends and family. Others are not so lucky and feel trapped and stuck. I hope my blog gives comfort and support to these people and lets them know that they are not alone and that there is life outside the ultra orthodox world. I am happy to share my experience and be a support to others who find themselves in a similar situation and would like support to break free from the ultra orthodox world. If this is you and you can’t leave for personal reasons you can still communicate with me. You can do this by leaving a comment with your details and I will not publish your comment but I will communicate with you.

Out of respect for my family members who are still stuck in the grasp of the ultra orthodox world I must remain anonymous. Unfortunately their fear of my speaking out openly does come with real consequences to them. I am not embarressed or ashamed to speak out or have my identity revealed. I remain anonymous purely out of respect to my family members. Please understand and respect this.

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