What is frumless?

For a long time I struggled with finding my way in life. The Jewish ultra orthodox (frum) way of life which I grew up with did not sit right with me. I struggled to find the beauty and meaning with it. I struggled to live a life with all the rigid rules that come with being an orthodox jew.

For a long time I felt ashamed that I felt this way. I felt ashamed that I did not keep kosher or shabbos.  I tried to hide my lifestyle and  essentially felt as though I was living a double life.

Today I am proudly frumless. I found the peace and meaning in life without religion. I am content and happy with my life choices and I would love to share the benefits of my lifestyle with others who are interested or are also considering becoming frumless.

I want to state clearly that I have nothing against the followers of Judaism. My best friends and some family members are deeply religious. It’s the religion which doesn’t suit me. I love the people they are good, kind hearted, loving and caring people- well mostly.

Follow me if you want to find the secret to having a meaningful and easy, frumless life.


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