From frum to frumless

A reader sent me this post I thought I should share their frumless experience.

On my way to becoming frumless I encountered many conflicting situations. The first time I went to McDonald’s, besides expecting lightning to strike me down as I had my first bite, there are so many questions. Does one wash their hands for a Big Mac even though the bread is not kosher? Does one bentsch? Just because I am doing the sin of eating non kosher, should I also sin by not making a beracha or bentsching? Should I take off my kippah or is that another sin? Can someone please ask a rabbi?

I still feel guilty when I don’t make a beracha on my bacon and egg roll, why should one sin lead to another?

Also what is less of a sin, marrying a non Jew or living with a non Jew out of marriage? Either way I’m guilty! Also does one make a beracha for Besamim when one smells an aromatic fart?


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