Is the Torah perfect?

“The Torah is perfect, the people are not”

This phrase is commonly used by ultra orthodox jews in response to imperfections noticed in judaism. I disagree.  I argue that the Torah has many imperfections which lead Jewish followers to have an unbalanced lifestyle.

According to the Torah,   a cohen may not marry a divorcee or a convert. No homosexual relationships, desecrate the sabbath and you shall be put to death. A cohen’s (priest’s) daughter who had relations before marriage should be put to death. A woman adulterer is put to death- the man is in the clear. An eye for an eye, and many more laws which lead me to question the perfection of the Torah.

The Torah is further distorted by rabbis who have added on so many laws to the commandments that they make keeping the commandments extremely difficult to keep. I also believe that many of the added rabbinical laws cause people to focus on these laws and further them from the basic meaning of the commandments.

Take the sabbath as an example. According to the ten commandments you should remember the sabbath day and keep it holy. Why is there a sabbath day? The reason that this exists is because god created the world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th. So we need to remember that god created the entire world- every living and nonliving element and then rested once his work was complete.

Rabbis have said that you keep the sabbath holy by not using electricity, which means no driving, phone calls, turning on lights etc. A Jew is also not allowed to carry as they may carry tools which would lead them to work. There is a common question about when a Jew is allowed to break these laws and desecrate the sabbath. Jews are allowed to break the sabbath to save another jews life. This leads to another common question which is; are they are allowed to break the sabbath to save a non jews life.

Common sense should prevail in this situation and there should not ever be such a question. Such a question is so unnecessary, it should be obvious that on the sabbath day when we are meant to remember how god created the entire universe and then rested, why would you think you should keep the sabbath day holy by not helping one of gods creations? The stupidity in such a question ever being asked rages me to the core. Why is the answer not obvious?

The answer is not obvious and ultra orthodox jews commonly ask this question, only due to all the laws that the rabbis have added on over the years. These laws make followers concentrate on what they should and should not be doing on the sabbath and make them forget the entire reason why the sabbath exists. If they remembered the real reason why the sabbath exists, as it says in the 10 commandments that they should remember it and keep it holy. Then they would know that they are celebrating the creation of the world and you can’t keep such a day holy by destroying one of gods creations.

I must say that I believe that both the Torah and the people are not perfect and a lot of changes must be made so that the purpose of the world is not lost. I’ll discuss a frumless perspective on the purpose of the world in my next blog.


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