Don’t give my baby herpes

It has come to my attention that a disgusting and highly unhygienic practice is currently being used in some ultra orthodox sects. During the circumcision ritual there is an old tradition for a mohel (person performing the circumcision) to suck the blood out of the babies wounded penis. Nothing anyone can say to me can justify this practice.

Firstly putting your mouth on a baby’s genitals is wrong. This is a line which should never be crossed. Ever.

Secondly, an 8 day old baby has virtually no immune system so they can easily become unwell. When a baby catches an illness things can progressively get worse very quickly. When a baby has an open wound and a man puts their mouth on an open wound its an open invitation for infection. There have been cases of babies who have caught herpes from their mohel and have died as a result.

If you want to get your son circumcised please ask the person performing the circumcision if they practice this. Do not use any mohel that does this under any circumstances. Do not risk your babies health. The mohel will not tell you that they do this unless you ask. I was unaware about this as was the mum who told me how horrified she was to discover that this had been done to her sons.

This is a dangerous practice which should be made illegal.


2 thoughts on “Don’t give my baby herpes

    1. frumless Post author

      Thank you so much for reading this. I appreciate your point of view. I am not sure I would equate male circumcision to child abuse. Female circumcision is definitely child abuse but that’s not a Jewish thing. I would say male circumcision which is not done right is child abuse but if it is done right it is ok with me. That’s just my opinion and you may disagree and that’s ok because humam diversity and opinion is the basis for humanity.



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