Don’t boil a kid in it’s mothers milk

There is an interesting phrase which is written three times in the bible. This means that there are a few meanings. It says don’t boil a kid in it’s mothers milk. The orthodox jews have said that this means not to mix meat and milk together. This could be one possible meaning.

I want to look at the literal meaning. Let’s look at a mother’s milk. A mother’s milk is meant to nourish and nurture. It should help a child to grow and flourish. God says don’t take this milk and use it for another purpose. Don’t take this milk and boil it  and use it to kill a child.

God gave His book of law- this is Gods milk. It is meant to be a set of laws to live by throughout all ages. Keeping these laws should enable a peaceful and perfect existence on this earth. God says do not take this book and these words and misinterpret it and then kill the nation with it.

Let’s look at what the ignorant ultra orthodox Jews do. They have people in their communities who are literally killing themselves because of the way they are being treated. When these people approach the  Rabbis for help, they are either turned away or talked down to. They are told that the problem is with them not with the way the Rabbis are practising things.

Actually if there is even one person who is not relating to how the laws are being kept today then it means that it is not being kept right. Yet the ignorant Rabbis who know God’s law better than God Himself will never acknowledge this. Their children will keep killing themselves and turning to drugs and feeling abandoned by God. Yet it is actually not God who abandoned them. Its these ignorant Rabbis who have this misconstrued view of God who are total idiots and will never admit their wrongs.

But they keep singing the song so God realises how ignorant they are and He forgives them. These ignorant Rabbis have blood on their hands and one day they will have to answer to God instead of themselves. Let the true judge judge.


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