Ultra Orthodox Jews have taken the concept of prayer and stuffed it up so much that it is obvious that yes they are ignorant people and can not be held accountable for their sins.

God want us to call out to Him from our hearts. This is written repetitively throughout the Bible. All God wants is for us to speak to Him directly with our own words and from the depths of our hearts. This is the prayer which God speaks about in the bible.

Ultra orthodox Jews in their ignorant and misconstrued view of God’s word decided to write a prayer book. They made all these MAN MADE laws relating to this prayer book.

They claim that you can only talk to God at certain time- THIS IS FALSE you can talk to God at any time and He will always listen.

They claim that you can only talk to God in Hebrew and you have to say every single word- THIS IS FALSE.  God actually wants us to use our own words. God wants us to see Him as a father. As a parent would you prefer that your child came to you and told you in their own words how they were feeling or would you prefer they read the same  words every time they had a problem? Yes Orthodox Jews are truly ignorant. God bless them and hope they heal soon.

Now we have a more important question and that is why do Orthodox Jews need God when they have their own Rabbi’s and Commentators who know better than what God says in the bible????

Bunch of idiots.


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