Why was the temple destroyed?

Its important to know how much God loves us and wants us to Love Him. This is seen in the first commandment through the story of Exodus. God essentially birthed the Jewish nation. God also breastfed the Jewish Nation with the Manna. This is seen in Numbers 11:12 where Moses cries out to God saying I did not choose to birth and breastfeed this nation.

Why did God feed them Manna? God could have made fruit trees grow in the dessert. He could have made any food occur, but He fed them Manna because He wanted the nation to be dependant on Him. God knew that if they had fruit trees or vegetables they may think that this was from their own doing and forget about God.

Indeed before they entered the land of Israel God warned multiple times that it will be a land flowing with goodness and God begged the Jewish Nation not to forget about Him. Yet of course they are an ignorant nation so they thought all the good they had was from their own doing and they forgot about God.

There are many commandments that are only relevant when there is a temple. God saw that the Jewish nation had forgotten about Him. God thought that perhaps if they had less commandments to keep then they will recognise God again and return to the basic 10 commandments and remember the very first commandment and return to loving God.

So God sent His messenger to destroy the temple. Now what did the ignorant orthodox Jews do? They decided to add more man made laws on top of the laws they could keep. So they moved further and further from God and to this very day they still think that their man made wisdom and man made words are better than God’s word.

God says not to add or subtract anything. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  It doesn’t say unless it’s made by a Rabbi or unless its to beautify the commandment or unless it will serve as a fence. Ignorant Rabbis think they know better than God Himself. So why do they need God when they can use their own ignorant brains to make rules?????

So we live in a crazy world where Orthodox people are taught that if they don’t want to wear a black hat they may as well eat pork. They have no clue as to what is GOD’S LAW.

Let’s look at how further ignorant orthodox rabbis are.  They  pray and say “HE should build us the temple.”

Is it befitting for a King to build his own castle? Is it befitting for a father to build his own home? So they have forgotten God’s law, they have no idea why the temple was destroyed and then they have the audacity to ask God to build it for them. Bunch of idiots.

They don’t know how to worship their king. They don’t know how to honour their father. All they know is how to honour the ignorant Rabbi’s and  commentators who make changes to God’s Law.

So what do they need a God For when they have all the answers in their ignorant brains? What do they need from God? They have their man made wisdom and man made laws which they hold onto even though they contradict God’s law. So let them keep worshiping their idols which are these other Rabbi’s and commentators and forget about God and we will see where they end up.  The only reason they are still around is because they keep singing the song so God realises how ignorant they are and forgives them.

God should bless them all because they are so obviously ignorant that only God can save them from their idiotic selves

The temple will not be rebuilt while they fail to recognise God and God’s law. So keep praying from your prayer books you idiots.



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