How to treat the blind

Orthodox Rabbi’s must be blind. There is no other explanation for their idiotic behaviour. The bible teaches us not to place a stumbling block in front of a blind person. Even if that stumbling block is really a glorious staircase which leads to a magnificent palace; if the blind can’t see the stairs then it will just be a stumbling block. Should the blind be led up those stairs before they see them, they may fall and injure themselves. If they fall and injure themselves then they will turn around and blame you.

The bible also says cursed is the one who leads the blind astray. This means that the blind people should continue going on the path which they know. It may take longer then taking the stairs but it will be safer.

Slowly slowly they will get there in the end. Small changes should be made and once they are fully understood then the next one should be made.

Hopefully this way the blind orthodox peoole will change their ways and their followers will also.


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