Free Will

There is this concept of free will. There are many different explanations as to what exactly free will is. I want to dig deeper into this concept and provide an explanation as to what exactly free will is.

From the bible it is clearly shown that Moses did not want to be the leader of the Jewish nation. He begged God to choose someone else. Yet God commanded him to be the leader and so he was. Did Moses have free will? Did he have a choice? It appears that he was forced to be the leader whether he liked it or not.

Yet there are other examples where Moses did have free choice. One major one is when Moses hit the rock and water flowed out. God was so upset with the way Moses did this that He punished Moses severly. God did not allow Moses to enter the land of Israel due to this.

What was so terrible about Moses hitting the rock? Let’s look closer at the story.

The Jewish nation were complaining that there was no water (numbers 20:2-5). Moses spoke to God about this and God said to speak to the rock and then water would come (numbers 20:8).

Moses appears to be very frustrated with the complaining nation so in his frustration he says “Now listen you rebels, can we draw water from this rock?” (numbers 20:10).

Then Moses hit the rock and water gushed out. (Numbers 20:11)

So what was Moses sin? Does it really matter that he hit the rock instead of speaking to it? Why would that be so terrible that it would barr him from entering the holy land?

The answer is that hitting the rock was not his great sin. His sin was that he did not sanctify God in the eyes of the Jewish nation (Numbers 20:12). Moses should have said that God is with them and God performs miracles and that God allows water to flow from rocks. This would have sanctified Gods name. It’s important to know that humans cannot perform miracles only God can.

The way Moses hit the rock could have led people to believe that it was Moses not God who makes water flow from rocks. This is what was so upsetting to God not the fact that he hit the rock; but the fact that he did not glorify God in the process. Moses failed to make it clear that it was God who allowed water to flow from the rock.

It’s important to remember that we humans are limited but God is limitless. God chooses our destiny.  Just like Moses destiny to lead the Jewish nation was predetermined; so to our destiny is also predetermined. Each one of us has our own unique purpose and reason for being alive today. We cannot choose or change this. Our free will is the path we choose to take to get from our starting point to our finishing point. There are many paths and choices which we can take. Some paths are quick, others are slow; some are easy, others are hard. The paths we choose to take is our free will; but no matter which path we take we will get there in the end.

Our destiny is already predetermined our free will is the way we choose to get there.


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