Why do bad things happen to good people?

People always wonder if there is a God and if God is in fact as powerful as the bible makes Him out to be then why do bad things happen to good people? Can’t God step in and stop these horrible events from taking place?

The answer is that yes God can do this and more; however God gave His laws and freedom with these laws into the hands of His people. I have already shown multiple times how the orthodox Rabbis have made a total mess of God’s laws. They claim to know God yet they know nothing of Him. The saddest part of all of this is that these Rabbi’s truly believe that they are doing the right thing.

When they excommunicate someone; they believe it’s what God wants.

When they physically abuse those who don’t keep “God’s laws”; they believe that’s what God wants.

When they publicly humiliate someone who they believe is not as religious as them; they believe that’s what God wants.

Then there are all the sexual abuse scandals which in my belief are a direct result from these supposed prohibitions against masturbation and same-sex relations. There are no such prohibitions if you read the bible properly and understand it as God intended it. These points need further elaboration but in brief there is no mention of a prohibition of masturbation ever in the bible. With regards to same-sex relations, if you look at the hebrew wording  in Leviticus 20:13 the hebrew wording is not ISH (man)  and ISH (man); the hebrew wording is ISH (man) and Zachar (male). Therefore it could be argued that by God using these two separate terms it is not homosexuality, it is a totally different message. If God wanted it to be read as homosexuality it would read Man and Man.  There is further proof from the bible that homosexuality is not prohibited but this is for another post.

If God is as powerful as the orthodox Jews claim He is; then He would not create a bodily function which does not serve a purpose. GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES. Just because the confused orthodox Rabbi’s don’t understand the bodily function of masturbation does not mean it’s prohibited.  I can elaborate further on this but this too is for another post. The orthodox Rabbi’s make mistakes and plenty of them. Unfortunately they use God’s name to justify their errors.

So in fact man is responsible for the errors in today’s world. God is also in a way responsible because God gave His laws into the hands of the crazy Orthodox Rabbi’s and they have made a real mess of His laws. They also unfortunately do not realise this so they can not be held accountable for their sins.

Bad things do not just happen in the orthodox world; they happen everywhere. This is for the exact same reason. God gave man free will and mankind have  stuffed it up.

God’s error was giving us free will. This gave mankind the opportunity to do bad things and this is why bad things happen to good people.

Now I have only spoken about bad things which happen due to human action. What about natural disasters. Isn’t God responsible for these?

Yes God is responsible for these. If we look at the bible there were plenty of natural disasters which were all due to God’s anger and God lashing out. Unfortunately when God gets angry then He does not discriminate between good and bad people. He destroys everyone ruthlessly. So if you want the biblical explanation as to why natural disasters happen and ruin or kill good people. Well, the answer is that God is angry and is lashing out. When God does this He doesn’t distinguish between good and bad people. He just destroys His creations out of anger.

There is another biblical explanation as to why bad things happen to good people and this is that God is testing them. So if shit happens know that it is a test from God. If you pass the test you will be greatly rewarded. If you fail; well you’re screwed. God knows what will happen…

Sorry readers I know you were probably hoping for a nicer answer. Well according to the God in the bible, this is the answer. Mankind screws up and destroys other mankind or God gets angry at mankind’s screw ups and destroys His creations or God will screw up your life to test you. This is why bad things happen to good people.



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