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About frumless

I come from an ultra-orthodox Jewish background and I have found meaning, peace and serenity outside of religion. I am here to help others who also want to find happiness without religion.

The first commandment

First I’ll say God bless the orthodox rabbis for they are so obviously ignorant that they can not be held accountable for their sins.

Let’s look at the first commandment. The first commandment says I am the Lord your God who has taken you out of Egypt. In this first commandment we learn that through the story of Egypt we can know who God is, what He wants and what He can do for us.

God is “I will be” . So however you want to view God that is who He will be to you.  He can be male or female, black or white, anywhere at all and speak any language. However you want Him to be that is who He will be to you.

Now we have ignorant ultra orthodox commentators who spend so much of their time arguing over who God is. Go read and understand the Bible you bunch of ignorant people.

What does God Want?

God wants an entire nation to worship and love Him. That is why He took out an entire nation from Egypt. He doesn’t want one person, one family or one community to worship Him. He wants an entire nation.

Let’s look at the ignorant “pious” ultra orthodox communities who claim to be practicing the bible while cutting off and turning away other Jewish people who are not as pious as them. Yes these people truly are ignorant and have no understanding of the first commandment. If they understood the first thing about God and about the first commandment they would not isolate themselves from other Jews.

What can God do for us?

We have the 10 plagues.

God is showing that He is in charge of every aspect of the world

  1.  God is in charge of the water and everything in it
  2. God is in charge of Reptiles
  3.  God is in charge of insects
  4. God is in charge of animals
  5. God is in charge of diseases and death which affect animals
  6. God is in charge of diseases which affect humans
  7. God is in charge of the weather
  8. God is in charge of swarms of insects and cropts
  9. God is in charge of day and night
  10. God is in charge of life and Death in Humans

Just in case you have any doubts as to Gods power well then He also splits the sea to show that nothing is beyond His power.

God can also take over a person’s free will as is written about Pharaoh’s heart but God will only do this in extreme circumstances. This is why there is no plague about this and it was only done to one person.

So from the first Commandment we know who God is, what He wants and what He can do for us.

We also can see how ignorant the ultra orthodox people who claim to keep God’s laws really are. They claim to know God yet know nothing of Him. God bless them always because they are so ignorant that they can not be held accountable for their sins.


Don’t boil a kid in it’s mothers milk

There is an interesting phrase which is written three times in the bible. This means that there are a few meanings. It says don’t boil a kid in it’s mothers milk. The orthodox jews have said that this means not to mix meat and milk together. This could be one possible meaning.

I want to look at the literal meaning. Let’s look at a mother’s milk. A mother’s milk is meant to nourish and nurture. It should help a child to grow and flourish. God says don’t take this milk and use it for another purpose. Don’t take this milk and boil it  and use it to kill a child.

God gave His book of law- this is Gods milk. It is meant to be a set of laws to live by throughout all ages. Keeping these laws should enable a peaceful and perfect existence on this earth. God says do not take this book and these words and misinterpret it and then kill the nation with it.

Let’s look at what the ignorant ultra orthodox Jews do. They have people in their communities who are literally killing themselves because of the way they are being treated. When these people approach the  Rabbis for help, they are either turned away or talked down to. They are told that the problem is with them not with the way the Rabbis are practising things.

Actually if there is even one person who is not relating to how the laws are being kept today then it means that it is not being kept right. Yet the ignorant Rabbis who know God’s law better than God Himself will never acknowledge this. Their children will keep killing themselves and turning to drugs and feeling abandoned by God. Yet it is actually not God who abandoned them. Its these ignorant Rabbis who have this misconstrued view of God who are total idiots and will never admit their wrongs.

But they keep singing the song so God realises how ignorant they are and He forgives them. These ignorant Rabbis have blood on their hands and one day they will have to answer to God instead of themselves. Let the true judge judge.

Why was the temple destroyed?

Its important to know how much God loves us and wants us to Love Him. This is seen in the first commandment through the story of Exodus. God essentially birthed the Jewish nation. God also breastfed the Jewish Nation with the Manna. This is seen in Numbers 11:12 where Moses cries out to God saying I did not choose to birth and breastfeed this nation.

Why did God feed them Manna? God could have made fruit trees grow in the dessert. He could have made any food occur, but He fed them Manna because He wanted the nation to be dependant on Him. God knew that if they had fruit trees or vegetables they may think that this was from their own doing and forget about God.

Indeed before they entered the land of Israel God warned multiple times that it will be a land flowing with goodness and God begged the Jewish Nation not to forget about Him. Yet of course they are an ignorant nation so they thought all the good they had was from their own doing and they forgot about God.

There are many commandments that are only relevant when there is a temple. God saw that the Jewish nation had forgotten about Him. God thought that perhaps if they had less commandments to keep then they will recognise God again and return to the basic 10 commandments and remember the very first commandment and return to loving God.

So God sent His messenger to destroy the temple. Now what did the ignorant orthodox Jews do? They decided to add more man made laws on top of the laws they could keep. So they moved further and further from God and to this very day they still think that their man made wisdom and man made words are better than God’s word.

God says not to add or subtract anything. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!  It doesn’t say unless it’s made by a Rabbi or unless its to beautify the commandment or unless it will serve as a fence. Ignorant Rabbis think they know better than God Himself. So why do they need God when they can use their own ignorant brains to make rules?????

So we live in a crazy world where Orthodox people are taught that if they don’t want to wear a black hat they may as well eat pork. They have no clue as to what is GOD’S LAW.

Let’s look at how further ignorant orthodox rabbis are.  They  pray and say “HE should build us the temple.”

Is it befitting for a King to build his own castle? Is it befitting for a father to build his own home? So they have forgotten God’s law, they have no idea why the temple was destroyed and then they have the audacity to ask God to build it for them. Bunch of idiots.

They don’t know how to worship their king. They don’t know how to honour their father. All they know is how to honour the ignorant Rabbi’s and  commentators who make changes to God’s Law.

So what do they need a God For when they have all the answers in their ignorant brains? What do they need from God? They have their man made wisdom and man made laws which they hold onto even though they contradict God’s law. So let them keep worshiping their idols which are these other Rabbi’s and commentators and forget about God and we will see where they end up.  The only reason they are still around is because they keep singing the song so God realises how ignorant they are and forgives them.

God should bless them all because they are so obviously ignorant that only God can save them from their idiotic selves

The temple will not be rebuilt while they fail to recognise God and God’s law. So keep praying from your prayer books you idiots.



Ultra Orthodox Jews have taken the concept of prayer and stuffed it up so much that it is obvious that yes they are ignorant people and can not be held accountable for their sins.

God want us to call out to Him from our hearts. This is written repetitively throughout the Bible. All God wants is for us to speak to Him directly with our own words and from the depths of our hearts. This is the prayer which God speaks about in the bible.

Ultra orthodox Jews in their ignorant and misconstrued view of God’s word decided to write a prayer book. They made all these MAN MADE laws relating to this prayer book.

They claim that you can only talk to God at certain time- THIS IS FALSE you can talk to God at any time and He will always listen.

They claim that you can only talk to God in Hebrew and you have to say every single word- THIS IS FALSE.  God actually wants us to use our own words. God wants us to see Him as a father. As a parent would you prefer that your child came to you and told you in their own words how they were feeling or would you prefer they read the same  words every time they had a problem? Yes Orthodox Jews are truly ignorant. God bless them and hope they heal soon.

Now we have a more important question and that is why do Orthodox Jews need God when they have their own Rabbi’s and Commentators who know better than what God says in the bible????

Bunch of idiots.

Who is God?

The bible gives us a few major clues on who God is and how we should relate to Him. One is where it says that man was created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26). This lets us know that God wants us to view Him as a human being with human emotions.
When Moses asked God who he should tell people God is. God says “I will be what I will be.” (exodus 3:14)
What does this mean? This means that God will be to every person whatever they want Him to be. If they want Him to be Male or Female, Black or White, African or Asian, In the Heavens above or in the Earth Below, In the air that surrounds them or any where at all- This is what God will be.
God doesn’t care how people see Him. God wants every person to view Him in a way that they can relate to Him. See Him however you want to see Him just believe in Him and call out to Him anytime you want. He will be there for you.

So what?

In the ultra orthodox world I was brought up to think that ultra orthodox jews were superior to all other people. I honestly believed that only ultra orthodox jews had morals. I honestly believed that non frum and non jewish people lived a life of sin.

It took me a long time to stop looking down on people who weren’t ultra orthodox and to start looking up to them. I was brainwashed from a young age that religious people were good and not religious people were bad and goyim (not jewish people) were the worst. While this message wasn’t taught to me in those exact words, this was the message I received.

Years of being told that if you do mitzvot and follow the stricts ways of god you’re a good person so the others must be bad, right?

On my frumless journey I came up with the attitude of; so what?! When I asked about how someone was and I was told they are good but they are with a goy. My response became, so what? When I’m told someone is not reigous I say; so what? What’s the big deal?

Once I realised that people who were not religous and not jewish actually had morals and lived honest lives free from the ultra orthodox ways. I finally realized that these people were amazing people. Once I learnt not to dislike someone because they weren’t jewish or religious. I realized it’s ok to talk and mix with these people. That they are not criminals and sinners. Once I realised this I began to pity the religious I pitied the close mindedness which prevented them for seeing the good in others. I pitied the close mindedness which caused them to dismiss a person based on them not being ultra orthodox.

Still today many judge me as a bad person due to my beliefs or lack thereof. Its hard to see a person based their morals alone. I have morals- plenty of them. Just because I don’t dress a certain way and keep the sabbath and pray doesn’t make me a bad person in the real world. In the real world these things don’t matter. In the real world you’re judged based upon how you act. However to many ultra orthodox people I am a terrible influence which needs to be kept away from their sheltered homes and small minded communities. Even some of my siblings are ashamed of my open and outspoken beliefs. Isn’t it sad that in this day and age people still have to worry about how their siblings behavior will effect their shudduchim (marriage arrangements). 

Well I really am sorry but I’m not going to put on a show for you or for anyone. I have one life to live and if you don’t like the way I live it, So what?!

The day I stopped caring

One of the things which has been drilled into my head from a very young age is that I must always worry and care about what other people think.  We are taught that as a religious Jew you have a great responsibility to act and dress in a befitting  manner so that you don’t cause a bad name for the Jewish people.

One of the hardest yet most rewarding part of my frumless journey was to break away from this mindset.  This was extremely difficult as it really meant changing the process of my thoughts. This was something which took me many years to accomplish.

I had known for a long time that the ultra orthodox ways were not for me. I knew that they were unhealthy for my wellbeing, however, I felt as though I had to act religious for fear of what others would think. I felt as though I was two different people; one who was perceived as being extremely religious and another with my non religious/ non jewish friends some of whom I never told I was jewish. Those years were very difficult. Its so hard to know what you want to be yet fear so much what others will think.

One day I had enough. I was emotionally drained from having to put on the religious facade. I thought to myself why do I still care?  I thought about the worst thing that would happen if I showed the world my frumless self. I figured that the consequences of  being openly non religious were easier to live with than having to pretend. I thought that maybe people wouldn’t want to know me when they realized that I wasn’t religious and I just didn’t care any more. If peopl didn’t like how I dressed I didn’t care. If people saw me driving on shabbat I didn’t care.

That day I stopped caring what others thought and started living my life completely frumless with no religious persona was a feeling of absolute  freedom. Finally I was free to live the life I wanted to live. Free from strict, rigid rules. Free to make my own choices about my life and how I wanted to live it. Finally I was free.

I  wish the ultra orthodox world stopped teaching people to care so much what others think. It’s so unhealthy. Instead they should teach them to do their best and when they make a mistake it’s ok. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to be someone who we are not. The most important thing is to be able to accept people how they are and not try to mould them into something their not.