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Does God Exist?

For many years people have argued over god. People question his existence and people fight over his role in the world. So I want to explore the idea if god actually exists.

Many say God created man. I say Man created God.

Man invented an idea of god and every religion that believes in god believes that god was actually discovered by man. Judaism believes that abraham discovered god. Christianity and Islam both also believe this yet they expand on the idea and have jesus and allah who have spoken with god.

In other religions such as Buddhism and hinduism there can be many gods. In budaism these were created by buddha yet in hinduism it is not known who created this concept, but the concept of gods exists.

So it is clear to see that god does exist and his existence is dependant on man and mans belief in this concept.

Lets look at another man made concept which I feel is similar to god, this is money. Money exists also only due to man and mans belief in it. In different cultures money can take on different forms, such as cattle, wives, gold and silver. Does money actually exist? Yes, but it only exists because man created it.

There are ancient tribes who do not use money and who do not need money to live, however they can not say that money does not exist because it does, just not in their culture. So too people can’t say god doesn’t exist. He does just not in their life. Would god actually exist if man didn’t create him is the same as asking if money would exist if man didn’t create it.

I feel that money and god are very similar concepts. Both are man made and highly dependent on your belief in them. There is one main difference in that money is needed in modern society to live and survive. It is a man made concept that has overtaken this world and I don’t think it’s for the better. Good thing that the concept of god has not overtaken this world yet, as I do not feel that would be for the best either.

Think of how many fights are due to money. Think of how people are judged based on the amount of money they have. Think of the different standards of living based on money. Lets keep this world as a world where beliefs can be free and independent and not turn the concept of god into money. Lets not let belief in god divide the people on earth as this will cause more harm than good. Every person no matter of their belief in god and their religion, should put that aside and not let this effect their judgement of others. I have many close family and friends who are extremely religious and believe in god and we are still so close because we don’t allow the difference in our beliefs affect our relationship. We are able to see past this, they do their thing and I do my thing and that’s fine. It would be great if others did the same.