Orthodox Rabbis are a bunch of Blind and Deaf Idiots

The bible talks about a song that every time it is sung God hears it and forgives the Jewish nation for being a bunch of idiots. (Deutoronomy 31:19-21)

I want to talk about this song. It is said numerous times a day by Jews all over the world. It is written on their doorposts too. This song is the Shema Yisrael and it is said in such a dumb and stupid way that God realises that this nation is totally clueless and so absolutely clueless that he has to forgive them. An ignorant person can not be held accountable for their sins.

Lets look at the meaning of the Shema. It says “Hear O’ Israel the Lord Our God Is One”

Therefore this song should not be spoken to God. It does not say “Hear O’God”. It should be spoken to each and every Jew. So while these idiotic Rabbis are praying and saying these words to God while at the very same time saying to another Jew who wants to discuss God that they have no time for them; God realises that these people are definitely ignorant ones and they are therefore forgiven.